This Bounce Has Serious Legs: $AMGN

Over the course of June, Amgen, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMGN) fell nearly every day. The stock traded as high as $161.00 in early June before falling to a low yesterday of $144.00. This was a 10.55% drop. For a stock this big, that is an epic fall for a one month period.


While many investors are scared to go near Amgen, the best time to buy is where there is blood in the street. The key is finding a legitimate reason. The reason comes to the forefront when looking at the chart below. There is a major trend line tagged yesterday. The stock is already bouncing 1.58% today, but has more room to run. An upside bounce in a week or two will likely net a move to $152.25.


Look at this documented trading performance; this is 100% verified results that cannot be disputed! The bottom line, if you followed myself and Nick, then you would be sitting on huge gains as our members are! This is the time to pull big money out of the markets, do not miss this!



Gareth Soloway


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