This Is A Major Concern For Investors $IBB

The iShares NASDAQ Biotechnology Index (ETF) (NASDAQ:IBB) has bounced beautifully off of double bottom support at $240 on the daily chart. Today it traded as high as $254.70, just two days after hitting $240.00.


Investors are wondering if it is safe to buy the $IBB? The short answer is… no. This is why…


There is a major concern on the daily chart of the biotech ETF IBB. Notice the confirmed break down that took place when the IBB broke through the upsloping trend line. Once confirmed, a retrace into that trend line (like we are seeing today) is almost always a heavy shorting opportunity. That means the IBB may fall sharply as early as next week. If the IBB is falling hard, you can bet the market is dropping sharply. This should be a major concern to not only biotech investors but all investors in the stock market. Note the chart below…

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