Holy $Hit: This Chart Will Make You Freak Out And Rethink Everything

I spend a majority of every waking hour studying the stock charts. I came across this insanity just by being curious. This makes me fear for 2017 and the next few years. I expect the next major stock market collapse to begin in 2017. Let me explain, basically, if you take the late 1990’s tech bubble move on the $SPY and add it to the 2003-2007 real estate bubble move in the $SPY you get a total net move of $163.25. Now speed ahead to the 2009 lows in the $SPY. From the 2009 lows to current highs, the $SPY has moved $161.00 points. If my calculations are correct, the $SPY will likely top out into the end of 2016 by moving up another $2.25. This would mean the tech bubble move + the real estate bubble would equal the exact move from 2009 to the coming highs on the $SPY at $231.00. This tells of a dark scary collapse coming with a downside target of $156-$157.50. I am extremely bearish for 2017.



Gareth Soloway



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