Alcoa Corp Continues Surge, Here Is How You Calculate The Exact Target $AA

More talk of imposing a tariff on China metal imports sent Alcoa Corp (NYSE:AA) soaring. The stock is becoming a favorite recipient for Donald Trump’s rhetoric on trade tariffs. As the stock surges higher, calculating the final target becomes extremely important both for investors holding the stock long and investors looking to short it. To calculate this target, investors need to note the perfect measured move in progress. Notice on the stock chart below how the first move up was $12, from $20 to $32. Then note the perfect bullish consolidation sideways, prior to the breakout. To figure out the target, simply take that same $12 move and add it to the low of the current surge. The low is $28, so adding $12 gives you a final target of $40. In other words, Alcoa Corp still has another $5 of upside before it slams into mega resistance and becomes a short trade. Long investors can enjoy the ride for another 15% upside.

Gareth Soloway



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