Strong Buy Alert On AK Steel Holding Corporation $AKS. Take Note Of This…

There is a fantastic swing trade buy on shares of AK Steel Holding Corporation (NYSE:AKS) based on a gap fill support level tagged today. This is a huge level and will likely trigger a monster bounce in the next few days. The price point entry buy level is the gap fill at $6.15. The upside bounce expected is $7.65 (+25%).

To put it in perspective and show this bounce isn’t even anything that big, AK Steel Holding Corp $AKS was trading over $11.25 in mid-January. This means AK Steel has declined 45% in just a few months. To expect a bounce back to $7.65 is nothing. The recent sharp decline in shares of AK Steel and other steel stocks is due to President Donald Trump’s cozy behavior with China. The steel companies had hoped he would smack tariffs on China steel coming into the United States. That looks very unlikely at this point. However, as I always say, it is likely that he will Tweet about possibly doing it in the near future, causing an instant pop in these stocks. Note the chart below…

Gareth Soloway


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