The Euro (EUR/USD) Is Still Going Higher

Since the start of 2017 the Euro has been climbing higher against the U.S. Dollar. On January 3, 2017 the EUR/USD traded as low as 1.034. Today, the EUR/USD is trading around 1.0865. The EUR/USD has been making higher lows on the daily chart and that is usually a sign of higher prices to come in this currency pair.

How high is the EUR/USD going to trade? Well, the current chart pattern signals a potential move in the EUR/USD to around the 1.1040 level. This should complete the rally that started in January. This level in the EUR/USD should also lead to a very good shorting opportunity. Traders that want to try a short trade in the EUR/USD can use the ProShares UltraShort Euro (NYSEARCA:EUO). The downside target for the EUR/USD is for a move to the 1.02 level.


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