The Trend In Retail Is Down, Where Is The Bottom?

As you all know, the retail stocks have been trading lower since April 2015. At that time, the SPDR S&P Retail (ETF)(NYSEARCA:XRT) was trading around $51.00 a share. Today, the XRT is trading at $40.44 a share. Clearly, traders and investors can see that the trend is now down for the retail sector. The growth and business model of, Inc.(NASDAQ:AMZN) has been the leading catalyst for the decline in most of the leading retail stocks. Amazon stock has soared higher since April 2015. The retail giant has gained over $500.00 in share price since that time. Currently, AMZN stock is trading at $974.00 a share. So far, most leading retail companies have not found a way to combat the Amazon retail invasion.

So does the retail sector have a bottom in place? Believe it or not it does. Traders and investors should continue to look for near term weakness in the XRT until the $38.75 level. This is a level on the charts that is signaling major support and institutional sponsorship. Remember, the market is survival of the fittest, eventually these retail companies must start to adapt to the Amazon business model or face further demise. Traders like myself will now look closer at most of the leading retail stocks when the XRT trades down to the $38.75 level. This should be a good time to look for a bounce in many of these beaten down equities in the retail sector.


Nicholas Santiago



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