Square Inc (NYSE:SQ) Breaks Key Support, Here Is The Downside Target

December 22, 2017

Shares of Square Inc (NYSE:SQ) broke major support today at $35.75. The payment processor had hit on this level multiple times in the last few weeks. This breakdown signals further downside to a target of $29.00. Once at $29.00, Square Inc because an attractive long position for a strong bounce higher. This is a technical trading chart setup. Note the chart below.


Key Chart Support Tagged On Edison Intl. (NYSE:EIX), Bounce Expected

December 21, 2017

As fires ravage California, shares of Edison International (NYSE:EIX) take a beating as well. While the hardship of those living in the fire zone will likely take a long time to improve, it appears things may be about to turn for Edison International. The stock hit major support today at $63.00 and will likely see a bounce as early as tomorrow, lasting into the new year. Look for a snap back swing trade to $70.00.


Semiconductors Send Out Warning Signs $SMH

December 21, 2017

Semiconductors have led this market for almost two years. The upside move on the semiconductor ETF $SMH has been insane. However, in recent weeks something major has changed. The semi’s have rolled sharply, even as the stock market makes new all-time highs. This should be a big warning sign not just for the semi’s but for the entire market. While end of year window dressing and light volume may keep the markets at all-time highs, it is likely there is trouble brewing in early 2018. In addition, the semiconductor index has a classic bear flag formation and is unable to get back over the daily 50 moving average. I have it penciled in that the semiconductor ETF SMH will see another big leg down in the first quarter of 2018, hitting $89.75. This is another 10% drop in the index. For investors, just simply compare the chart of the semi’s before from the start of 2016 to November 2017. Then compare and see the divergence in December. It is shocking. Note the chart below.


Carmax Inc (NYSE:KMX) Steered Off Course After Earnings

December 21, 2017

Today, leading used auto retailer Carmax Inc (NYSE:KMX) is sinking lower after reporting earnings. Currently, KMX stock is trading down by 4.29 percent to $65.55 a share. The stock is now trading slightly under its important 200-day moving average which is a bearish indication for the shares. Traders must now look at the $61.50 as the next major chart support level for the stock. This support area is where the stock was defended in June 2017. Very often, the institutional traders will support an equity when it retests and retraces into important prior levels. Keep this support area on the radar as that will be where I look to get into KMX stock on the long (buy) side.


Tax Reform Is Done, What Is Next For The Markets

December 21, 2017

On Watch For Breakout In Shares Of Intercept Pharmaceuticals Inc

December 20, 2017

Shares of Intercept Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:ICPT) are hammering on a breakout trend line at $62.50. Should the stock push through, it will likely surge to as high as $66.50, perhaps within a day or two. Definitely a chart investors should be watching.


Why I Am Considering A Short On Intel Corporation

December 20, 2017

Shares of Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) have rocketed higher in recent months after earnings showed signs of life. However, the run may have just topped out. Note this trend line stretching back to 2012. I am starting to look more closely at a swing short trade on shares of Intel Corporation. The pull back target in 2018 would be $38.00. Part of me thinks it could pop to $50 into year end, but anywhere between $47.50 and $50.00 is a solid accumulation short zone.